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Today is truly a momentous occasion! The Cosmic Citizenship Council has announced that it will allow two new alien species to join its ranks! 

Wait… ‘two’? That can’t be right. Hold on a second.

Yes—well, kind of! The Cosmic Citizenship Council WAS prepared to let two new alien species join its ranks. However, due to an unfortunate filing error, the Council only made one copy of the filing form, so really only one species can join...

A duel will determine which species is truly deserving to join the ranks of the esteemed Council. To prove their worth, each side must race to gain control of a minimum of five planets. The winner will become a Certified Civilization, while the loser will fade into intergalactic obscurity. This is the one and only way. 

Cosmic Encounter Duel is a competitive standalone game for two players where you and your closest frenemy race to be the first to control five planets. Colorful ships, hidden tactics, and your alien’s unique abilities may tip the odds in your favor, but beware! Tricks and traps abound, and you never know what destiny has in store!

Autor hry Frank Brooks, Bill Eberle, Peter Olotka, Greg Olotka
Jazyk ENG
Počet hráčů 2
Herní doba 30 min
Minimální věk 14+

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Cosmic Encounter Duel

Cosmic Encounter Duel

Verze známé deskové hry pro dva hráče

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