Critical Mass: Patriot vs Iron Curtain


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Arcane Wonders
Critical Mass is a game of hard-core, heavy-hitting Mech-on-Mech combat. As the pilot of a massive war machine, you must head out into the irradiated wastes and face-down the unworthy upstarts who dare to challenge your dominion. After all, the honor of your survivor enclave is riding with you!

Featuring simultaneous play with Mech customization on the fly, the tension is sure to stay high in every fast-paced combat until the final armor plate is incinerated!

Your Mech is represented by a Mech board and its own deck of Combat Cards. The Mech board is the control station for your chosen Mech. On the back of each Mech board is a list of all of your Mech’s cards, and where each card starts during the game.

Every Mech has four Critical Components displayed at the top of the Mech board. If all four of your Critical Components are destroyed, you lose the game. Fortunately, your Critical Components are protected by tough Armor Plates represented by cubes that are placed in slots near each Critical Component. Each plate has a durability that must be met (or exceeded) by weapon damage to destroy it.

Autor hry Kevin Chang
Jazyk ENG
Počet hráčů 2
Herní doba 30 min
Minimální věk 14+

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Critical Mass: Patriot vs Iron Curtain

Critical Mass: Patriot vs Iron Curtain

Bojová karetní hra pro dva hráče

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